Kwame Brown React To Jalen Green What Was That Horse Playing Or You Telling Us Something? (2023)


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Thank you get the roots up by that thing, baby getting the roots of my left, foreign yeah I'm back on the tractor, I've been lazy, so I'm, not gonna, lazy, off y'all I need to get a new Shank I need to get two new shakes.

Oh that stink.

Oh, that's cause my dog pooped! Thank you! Oh that's! A big group right there all right! This is a good place to stop right here in the shade.

Oh there's a good place to stop.

You don't use some shade too stop right there.

Oh man, oh man, Hey, listen, guys, guys, guys! I, don't want to talk about this too long um, but I saw this kid.

Jalen green I, don't know who nasty to get the guy that got the boy in the book, Jalen green or the kid that got his feet in the air.

In the happy baby position, it's like what the hell what they done gave you young boys they didn't put.

They don't must have dropped some estrogen pills and you [ __, ] milk, hey Jenny, green you're.

Gonna have to cut your hair now, all that pretty [ __ ].

You have to change that.

Buddy you're gonna have to cut your hair off at least braid.

It up.

Look like a nah.

You can't even braid it up uh, because what we've seen [ __ ] you've been practicing them moves on that boy and mothers.

This is the reason why you don't let your kids go in the room and lock they do and play video games all night.

That is a kid.

That's been doing this [ __ ] his whole life, because if you look at the video none of the males in the room, didn't nobody object to that.

[, __, ] ain't! Nobody said hey what the hell! The boy sitting on the bed he's so calm, I'ma move out the way, if that's a woman, [ __ ].

If you're trying to do all this with a woman, let me go ahead and get the hell on I.

Don't need to be seeing that but I'm damn sure not gonna sit there, why you got a dude legs in the air and you practice in power driving this boy, but whatever the hell, this boy identify with because I'm going to jail.

If you put my feet in the air like that, I'm sorry, if I'm happy to be sleeping, you dive on me like that.

You catch me like that: [ __ ], it's time to go! Mike Tyson, I'm biting your ear! I'm poking you in the eye, it's home, [, __, ], that video ain't gonna stop right.


No, the video I cannot let the video stop while you on top of me power driving with my feet in the air, what the hell! What is what is wrong with these young dudes man? What is wrong with this boy? That's that's that that's that leaving these kids to their own understanding and nobody there for correction they're allowed to be in a room they're allowed to play the video game.

They're allowed to do all this sexual devious, [, __ ] cause somebody ain't.

None of those boys in the room say dog.

You tripping like a [ __ ] like what are you doing? Ain't no way my mama would have came in the room because, first of all see it wasn't no clothes and no dough at my mama house.

She keep that door, cracked and she like a ninja.

She would always walk past that door to take a peek at what everybody was doing in that goddamn room, so I'm gonna make she gonna make sure.

Oh okay, all right ain't, no little girl jump through the window or jumping out the window.

She had her sons that she had to worry about us playing no little boonky games.

She had them, got them, sons that somebody daughter, gonna, be jumping in out.

There got that window, so she would guard she was protecting your daughter.

She uh keep the little girls up out of here, but now these [ __ ] get to lock the door I, couldn't think of what would have happened if I was playing like that with a girl, let alone a dude.

My mama would have came in that [ __ ], with holy oil in a belt should have been spraying.

Oil and whipping ass should have just been sprinkling oil and just you're nasty man.

What what in the world is wrong with y'all young cats, man y'all got the game.

[, __, ], up I, think that boy was trying to show us something his jersey, gonna, be the number one selling jersey, because I know you know my cousin, probably watching that.

Well, I got them cousin.

He in that Community he probably watching that [ __ ], like yeah yeah, but I'm, watching that [ __ ], like what the [ __ ].

Is this [ __ ] doing that [ __ ] Jersey, going to the number one sales, because he did that [ __ ] watch any dude that could do some [ __ ] it like that.

I think he you know he might as well go on over there.

Hey bro ain't, no woman! Gonna! Take you serious after that.

You need to God damn ain't, no way you put a dude feet and a happy baby and the young man who got up laughing after a dude.

Did him like that.

You ain't got no Daddy.

I'm gonna.

Tell you that right now you ain't got no good daddy! You ain't got no uncles.

My uncle would have beat your ass I ain't.

Gonna lie you let another dude! Do you like that? My uncle [ __ ] you up I ain't gonna lie I ain't gonna hold you man, yo, no happy baby I was like I'm watching this [ __ ] and whoever said that to my phone y'all.

Don't like me and I, don't like y'all, because I didn't need to see that that [ __ ] that I I could have did another video matter of fact.

I got another video to do.

I didn't have to have that video set to my phone grown ass, [, __ ].

Think it's funny to do that.

Y'all, [, __, ] ain't, never heard of playing Madden y'all ain't heard of playing fight night or something y'all, [, __, ] playing bookie games, man, Hey, listen! I'm, sorry dog, you have to get a tattoo on your face.

Now, you're gonna have to cut your hair bald.

We want to see you with a low haircut now get that pretty [ __ ] off your head cut that [ __ ] down get a tattoo up under your eye, put a cross up under your eye or some [ __ ] boy.

You need Jesus, because what you just did boy, you were sexual, deviant, yeah.

You got to cut that [ __ ], all off, get you a cross up under your teardrops on this side.

We know you ain't really like that, but [ __ ], you gotta, look like that or something you got to do something tougher your image up, because what you just did, damn damn ain't, no way: hey yeah that [ __ ].

What happened to the regular men game, dominoes Spades? Then they just sitting in the room bunch of dudes and they humping on each other.

All the other dude in the bed.

Look at that.

Like oh [, __, ], it's all right! Man, y'all crazy, y'all, Young, Generation, y'all, some crazy, y'all, crazy man, I'm, sorry, I'm thinking they putting estrogen tablets in these young cats, milk, these dudes trying to be prettier than girls.

They trying to wear tighter clothes than girls they trying to wear blouses and man.

It's okay to be a man, it's okay to be a man bro! You don't be doing all that.

Look here, y'all blurring the line so much you better not be hopping.

On top of my goddamn son, trying to play like that, [ __, ] and I hope, my son.

If he watching this video son, you got a daddy boy, daddy gonna! Kick your ass! If you up here, think that's a joke! Now, if you're a part of that Community hey, then that's your decision we got! We I can try to have a talk to you, but that'll be your decision, but we ain't playing like that that ain't, nothing to play with no [ __, ] I, understand the phrase the boys will be boys, but I ain't never heard of this new stuff y'all.

Your young cats got going on because I'm telling you had that boy did that [ __ ] to me.

No, he would nobody would have never tried that with me huh because it looked like he was a willing participant in the joke.

If that was a joke, he got up laughing like he was a willing participant.

So now boys stop participating in jokes like that I'm up out of this thing, man, I gotta, finish this real quick, I'm gonna.

Do this a little more of these scrapes and then I'm gonna get the hell up out of here.

Cause I got somewhere to be, but boys need to stay being young men and boys I hope my daughter don't get one of you, [ __ ]! That act like that.

I hope my daughter get a stumped down country, [, __, ], that fight I'm, sorry, I, hope my daughter get a country country, [, __, ] that that's peaceful at first, but you [, __ ] with y'all legs in the air that [ __ ] was in the ply that that [ __ ] had that song Plies playing in the background.

I bet got his feet to the ceiling gotta beat to the ceiling.

This [ __ ] got Plies you better, not never do no girl like that boy.

You got plot the dude at the bottom ew the dude at the top ew, the dude that was sitting in the side of the corner, watching that [ __ ], hell you [, __ ] need some holy oil and some prayer I'm about to stay man.

Mothers uh take your sons to karate.

Let them know what it feels like to be hit in the face.

It does something to us young boys.

We need to be hitting the face as young boys.

Sometimes we follow our own understanding and sometimes when you get hit right smack in the face it just wakes you up it just does something to you in a controlled environment, it could be the most blessing in disguise that you could ever think of your boys need to get hit in the face.

Mamas I'm, sorry to tell you, you can't call them [, __ ].

You can't hold them all day long.

They must get hit in the face in a controlled environment.

Brings the man out of them.

That's just my opinion.

Okay, all right arriba Dolce shout out to carlsino for Life One crack news uh shout out to damn dpov, damn D beef.

Damn D live news, I'm about to finish this a little bit and then we going in there for all the smoke Sunday I got the smoke coming once I get out.

The tractor I'm already gonna be smoking hot, so I'm gonna bring the smoke.

So whoever got smoke, pull up and uh whoever I'm gonna be talking about I'm gonna be talking about so see you there.

In about an hour.

I'm gone, oh shout out to it's just gems, Jim's eye view.

Kwame Brown greatest fan, Angela Stanton I, see you in the chat salute to you um, who is Angela Stanton uh, uh, uh, Miss, Spitting Fire mob, only uncut, all of my moderators Biz 101 uh 400k.

Let's get it! Let's get it! Let's get this channel to 400k.

If you like, the smoke come to my backup, Channel Kwame Brown bus, Life 2.0 we ratchet over.

There don't come if you're, not ratchet, you know everybody need a little ratchet and we ratchet over there.

So it's gonna get his drama field.

It's talking trash uh, it's unadulterated! It's rated, R, R, RR uh.

This one used to be rated RR, but uh I kind of dumbed it down.

It's, not rated R anymore, I kind of made my point uh it's.

Unless it's something stupid to happen, I I can't kind of keep it calm.

I get ignorant.

If somebody get ignorant with me uh, you know that's how it's supposed to be, but other than that I think I've made my point on why I was doing what I was doing, but over on my other channel.

We get to ratchet out so often to finish.


Sweating is good.

For you see you all over on my other channel I'm gone.

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