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Mushroom brown hair
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Hello guys!
I know I’ve been uploading blondes lately so I was glad to do this service to give you some variety!
I was happy with how this service came out, especially since we didn’t use any bleach!

I hope you like this video!
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Hey guys for this service we're going to tone down my client's brassiness and give her a cooler, mushroom brown tone so keep watching to see how we tackled the service.

You can find me on instagram at christy at the cottage all right, here's my clients before she has a couple of inches of grow out and just overall too brassy and wanting to add some depth and tone down her hair.

So we're gonna do half five two one and a half six one, six with six volume and we're just gonna go through her hair and start foiling in some dimension.

This is the first time doing this clay and when she got her hair done before she went in for a balayage and she said they just like overly lightened her hair and she just feels too warm and too brassy all over.

So what we're going to do is add some depth and tone down all of this, like orangey tone that she has so I'm going to use these ashy urotones in her hair to cancel out the warmth and help give it more of a mushroomy ashier tone.

So that's why we have to use a little bit darker of a color with that level.

Five, if we just did like a level six or seven, to tone down the hair, it wouldn't necessarily like give it an ashier tone when you want a client or when a client wants to have like an actual like true ashy tone to the hair, you have to tone down about one to two shades darker than where they currently sit at to get like a true ash, or else you're, just gonna neutralize.

The tone and um create like a neutral brown tone.

Also, I want to say that she did not want to have to use any lightener in the service today she's getting married, and so we wanted to stay away from lightner, also, never having done her hair.

I didn't want to risk anything, especially with the wedding coming right up so you're gonna see me foiling and I'm going to be weaving out any of the lightest pieces that she has in her hair and we're gonna preserve that for, like her higher contrast brighter pieces that we're gonna tone down later in the service.

All right, so I'm just gonna, keep on working my way up the head foiling in this darker tone, but weaving out and preserving just a little bit of those super brighter pieces as much as I can so we're just gonna finish off with this whole foiling and then um we'll get to the lightest pieces of the hair.

Further on into the surface.

Now that I'm getting closer to the top, I'm really trying to make sure that any of these super lighter pieces, I'm going to weave out to make sure that we preserve as much brighter pieces as we can.

You have to really make sure that when you do a service toning down here or if somebody really wants like an ashier tone, you have to make sure that you let them know that their hair is gonna, not just obviously appear darker, but we're tony because we're toning it down.

But it's probably gonna, appear a little bit darker than what they imagine because we're doing an ashier shade, ashier tones appear darker.

So clients need to be made aware of that that it's going to be a little bit darker, probably than what they imagine just because of doing an ashier shade.

So as I'm working my way up to the top, because I don't want her to all of a sudden feel just like so much darker, I'm really trying to leave as much as those lighter tones as I can, because I don't want her to all of a sudden, be like.

Oh, my gosh, my hair is like so dark, so we're trying to match up her color as best as we can to her natural, but again because it's going to be ashy, it's going to be like slightly darker than what her natural is.

Also pay attention to how chunky these weaves are.

We don't want to have an overall like super darker appearance like her goal is not to go darker.

Her goal is just to tone down and add some dimension back into the hair.

So I feel like doing a chunkier.

More high contrast.

Weave is the best way to go.

This is going to give some like deliberate, like dark ribbons throughout the hair that she'll be able to like see a little bit more of versus doing a super, blended, weave or like slices.

That's gonna create more of like just darker, like um little pieces of hair throughout, but because she wants to see a little bit more dimension doing a little bit more of a chunkier.

We will give her some of those like high crop contrast like ribbons throughout the hair, so she's gonna have like some darker ribbons throughout the hair that stand out a little bit more and then she's gonna have some of those lighter pieces that are gonna, stand out a little bit more too, so making sure that when you go through the hair that, if somebody does want a little bit more contrast and dimension in the hair, make sure that you're doing some of those like deeper um weaves, where you're gonna get some more of that ribbon effect throughout the hair versus just being like super blended all over all.

Right now that we're working towards the front of the face, you saw that I'm setting aside like her hairline, I'm not gonna, touch her hairline at all.

Those are some of the brighter pieces that she has and because we are toning down quite a bit all over then we're also gonna going to cool down her overall, lighter pieces, too she's gonna feel a little bit darker, so I don't want her to feel too dark, especially around her face.

So that's why I pulled away those that, like whole front hairline, section we're not going to add any depth to any of that at all we're going to try to keep that as light as we can so.

Another thing is that, because we're adding this darker tone to her hair, her lightest pieces are going to stand out a little bit more so she's going to feel like she has a little bit more higher contrast in the hair.

So that's kind of the nice thing about doing this surface is that we're not gonna have to use any lightener, because the lightest pieces that she already has giving it um a little bit darker hair to like lay on is gonna, make it stand out a little bit more and feel a little bit brighter so, but just make sure when you're toning down your client's hair, that you try to make sure and keep it a little bit brighter right around the face, or else they might feel like.

Oh my gosh, I'm so darker on my face so make sure, even though you're toning down all over to not tone down around the face as much as the rest of the hair all right.

So we're just going to finish up this last foil here and obviously everything that I'm doing on this side.

I'm going to the other side and doing the same thing.

I'm just doing like a few foils on this side then go to the other side.

Do a few foils, and I like doing it that way back and forth, because some I'm doing like a finer weave.

Some I'm doing like a chunkier weave so to make sure that I'm doing it even on both sides, I like to jump back and forth instead of doing one whole side and then doing the other side, because then I might forget like where I do the chunkier weave, where I do more of a slice or a blending weave or whatever.

So that's just how I like to do my work.

So here is the full foil that we ended up doing basically a full foil by adding that depth back into her hair.

So as I pull the foils out, you're gonna see exactly like how much darker these ashier tones look.

I mean it almost looks black next to her hair.

So this is what I mean when I say like ashy or tones, go a little bit darker.

You just need to make your clients aware of that all right as we go into do our all over tony we're.

Gonna, do a half seven one and a half eight zero with six volume, and I told her that we're gonna start toning a little bit on the lighter side and see what this does.

We're gonna pull her whole hairline aside to make sure that we do that last, so it stays lighter and doesn't go quite as dark as the rest of the hair and we're gonna.

Let this sit for about 15 minutes.

So I'm checking her hair to see if it's toning- and it looks like it's doing good so far, and I just told her- I don't know that this is gonna tone down your hair.

I feel like you're sitting at a level seven so having that level.

Eight in there might not tone down as much as we want it to, but we'll just see, because I don't want her to feel too dark.

So the last five minutes is when I pull in that hairline piece to start toning it down, but keep it just a little bit lighter and we're gonna dry.

It just see how she feels does she feel like it's still too warm, because we added that level eight.

Do we just need to go in with that straight seven, one and she ended up liking the tone she felt like it toned it down just enough, so she still has a slight warmth left in the hair.

She is in the military, so she can't have it like too unnatural.

Looking so leaving it with a slight warmth, is like perfect for what she needs to do so.

Here's her hair all over and dry, so she's toned down.

She has that depth back in her hair, but it's just still slightly warmer, but definitely much more cooled down.

So she was happy with the tone of the hair.

So we didn't have to go back through and re-tone.

That's kind of the nice thing about ashier tones is that they do appear darker.

So even though it had that level eight in it, it would that seven one was still cool enough and dark enough to give her an overall like cool down appearance, um, the curling iron that I'm using to style.

Her hair is t3 and it's one and three-fourths inch, and I love this curling iron for just like really big soft waves.

So here we are going to just comb out her curl, and this is it for the color for the styling for everything you can see that, even though we didn't do any lighter pieces, adding that dark back in there is making those lighter pieces really stand out.

So I'm really glad that we were able to still create, like a nice soft, lighter like pieces in the hair without having to do any bleach or anything like that.

All right and here's her before again no dimension in the hair just too brassy and light all over and then here is after definitely some contrasting pieces in the hair.

She has like those brighter pieces that really stand out a lot more, instead of just being too overwhelming all over and she was really happy with their hair.

It turned out to be like a really pretty cool mushroomy tone she loved it.

I loved it.

I think it's really really pretty, and thank you guys so much for watching.

I hope you like this video and don't forget to like and subscribe.



As an ashy brown color, mushroom brown hair complements skin types with warmer undertones. Mushroom brown can act as a neutral hue or lean towards the cooler side when combined with gray undertones. Adjust mushroom brown hair to include more highlights or earthy tones depending on your eye brown and skin tone.

What skin tone goes with mushroom brown hair? ›

As an ashy brown color, mushroom brown hair complements skin types with warmer undertones. Mushroom brown can act as a neutral hue or lean towards the cooler side when combined with gray undertones. Adjust mushroom brown hair to include more highlights or earthy tones depending on your eye brown and skin tone.

What color cancels out brassy brown hair? ›

Use Blue Shampoo and Conditioner

Orange is across from blue on the color wheel, which means the blue pigment in blue shampoos and conditioners can neutralize brassy orange tones in brunette hair. Specifically designed for brunettes, blue shampoo helps knock out brassy tones in brunette hair.

How do you tone brown mushroom hair? ›

Mushroom brown hair is usually achieved through a mix of a few different colors and techniques:
  1. The first step is to get the base color right. ...
  2. The next step is to add darkened lowlights. ...
  3. The final step is to add ashy brown highlights.
Feb 22, 2019

What level is mushroom brown hair? ›

Similar to Margot Robbie's natural dirty blonde base color, "the mushroom brown hair color works best on level six and lighter, so that's a dark blonde or lighter," says Friedman.

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