Sausage Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole (2023)


Sausage Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole - Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and this Sausage Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole is the perfect way to start your day for your family!

This casserole is loaded with thick, hearty hash browns, eggs, and delicious sausage. It's a delicious and hearty way to start your day, and it'll keep you full until lunchtime! If you're looking for a delicious and easy breakfast casserole that'll fit into any diet, then check out this recipe!

8 Eggs
1 lb. Breakfast Sausage
1 1/2 cups Whole Milk or Heavy Cream
2 - 3 Potatoes
1 Onion, chopped
1 Bell Pepper, chopped
2 cups Cheddar Cheese
Salt and Pepper to taste
1/4 tsp Garlic Powder

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Hey, let me go ahead and just start off by saying: happy Sunday, everybody hey appreciate you guys being in all of these premieres with that being said, you didn't already seen that thumbnail and you didn't read that title and you know just what we're doing right today, I'm getting ready to show you just how easy it is to make look.

This is just a sausage hash brown breakfast casserole now, look I'm, not gonna.

Do all of those cuts like I, normally do whatever I'm gonna go ahead and just start making room.

You want to talk about something that is like super simple I'm, gonna start off by just showing you guys my casserole dish right, so listen I'm using a 13 by nine.

This is what I'm gonna tell everybody we're gonna start off by doing right here, look get yourself, some nonstick spray.

You can use butter or whatever just go ahead and spray the bottoms and the sides you get too much.

Don't worry! You can always take a paper towel.

You know, I mean just wipe it.

You know wipe it off set that here now we're gonna go ahead and start Browning our sausage right.

So let me go ahead and bring my fire up putting some heat in my pan.

This is my sauces right here.

Look I got my seasoning right here.

You know my milk, you saw my spray, we got cheese and you know what I'm gonna address this part about cheese go ahead and look at that right here we gotta look at the size of the cheese.


This is already grated.

I did this this morning right, but you want to look at this.

Look at the size.

Look when it's small like this.

It melts much much better and, as I always tell you guys, graze your own cheese.

This way, it'll be better without all that waxy.

You know films right.

You know, you know we got to have that salt and pepper.


You know me I like to use that coarse grind.

Look! That's that kosher and of course this is you guys, don't know this, but it's smoked black peppercorns inside here now.

Listen before I forget folks.

We got to talk about the potatoes right.

You can use any type of potatoes.

You want these already been cleaned and you know cleaned and dry and then right here look well.

You know what kind of eggs we doing, we're doing them hand eggs folks.

So let's just go ahead.

I'm gonna go ahead and just give this a little jump start just a little bit of just Infuse olive oil right I'm gonna go ahead and grab my pork lay that in there just like that, then I want you guys to take a look.

You can see I'm just starting this right here and look over here in my dish.

Water right here look always keep some soapy water, nice and hot, because I wash my dishes as I.

Go, that's always going to be a pro tip.

Folks, wash your dishes as you cook, okay, so look as we starting to Brown.

You know our pork right, I'm gonna go ahead and take my vision.

We're going to go ahead and multitask right, so I'm gonna go ahead and set it up.

I'm gonna use the big chart of this and we're gonna go ahead and start shredding.

Our potatoes I know folks, I, don't ever just when I spread my potatoes I.

Don't you know peel them, you know, I mean I'll, be careful.

You know, I mean make sure my hand don't get caught.

None of these grapes, you know I mean because some people scared of that mandolin.

But look you could be scared of this this greater too.

So now you want to get yourself one of these right.

This right here breaks it up real nice and for those of you guys, that's using them.

Non-Stick Teflon, pants, uh pans.

This right here won't SCAR or break none of that up.

You don't have to ingest it right, I'm using hex, clad, which you can use metal utensils in here, because these are not how they've made you know with that coating.

But this right here helps me break it up right, as you see, if you guys come on in here and take a look at this right here.

Look at this right here, I just break it down into small pieces.


It makes it easier and it gets you more coverage.

Once you put these, on top of these hash browns right in the casserole and over here you can see the final result.

You see that right there.

Oh we that's him there and look.

The reason I showed you guys this way, because a lot of times we always want to use like the, frozen, hash browns.

Right now you know you got some extra potatoes.

You go.

You start using that and speaking of extra come here and take a look at this right here, foreign.

You can open up your refrigerator and you can figure out whatever you have in here.

You can probably like put that in there that's what I love about you type of recipes, so look I! Had some tomatoes that was left over I.

Don't know if I'm gonna incorporate these or not, but I'm gonna.

Pull those out right.

Here's a bell! Pepper! Oh and check this out! I, got some finely diced onions when they? Finally dice like this.


This right here, really releases the flavor.

So we'll take these three.

Take these down and start adding this to this right here, foreign I.

Don't know it ain't! No such thing for me about it's too much.

You know, I mean the only thing I can tell you.

Is you didn't put enough right? So this is really up to you.

These are just like level UPS folks, then we just start working this in too letting this break down.

You know, I always tell you I like to put my onion in there a little bit.

You know early before I put anything else, all right.

Look at that right there.

This is all the level up folks and we cooking with whatever we have in there.

You know inside of our refrigerator.

We do it so that way, when we go back to the store, we start all over with fresh.

So now you saw me break those down.

I'm gonna go ahead and just start adding my bell, pepper.

There is no amount.

I'm gonna tell you guys, you guys do what you like for me: I love, veggies, you know I mean so there is again they like onion I can't have enough of it and don't forget when you cook them.

You know I'm just saying they start to saute and cook down, they get smaller, but we want to release those flavors and make this even more over the top all right.

So now we just give this a you know a quick mix, I'm gonna, let this cook down just a little bit it'll finish up once I get this in the oven, but this right here you guys tell me I know you can I know some of y'all, see him put some of them.

Tomatoes in there can do that.

You can sprinkle them over the top matter of fact, let's put some in there now that we talking about it right, flavor, folks, and because our you know our sausage was nice and seasoned already right.

There's no need for me to really hit it with nothing else, I'm not going to add no salt to it.

Listen because we all watching our salt intake low sodium is the way to go, need to put that on a t-shirt but check this out you're not going to bring this to the party.

Look at that I know some of y'all seeing right now, ooh we baby go ahead and get them uh them.

Tortilla shells ready we're gonna make some tacos I got a cold Little.

Mix I can put together with this right here, but the whole purpose of this is listen.

We doing breakfast right now, but just to get everybody to think how you know how you want to get down.

You know moving forward in the future.

You know, I mean get your mind.

Thinking like okay I got dish in there.

The ultimate goal is I, opened up your refrigerator and try to be able to create 10 dishes out of whatever you got in your refrigerator.

Okay, so look! The rest of this is real real, easy.

You can see, we only got eggs, we got seasoning, you know, I mean we got heavy whipping cream and then we got cheese right.

So it's a no-brainer look, get yourself a bowl.

You want to have a bowl big enough right, so I'm gonna go ahead and crack these I know all y'all.

Seeing right now, hey don't crack those AB make sure they write crack them in a separate bowl for you.

Listen I live in a big city, Nothing Gets By these people out here at these grocery stores.

So let me get these cracked we're gonna, get them whipped.

We're gonna put all of the seasoning in there and then we're gonna go ahead and Assemble.

You can put a little bit of dish in there.

I really can't tell you to taste that you know when it's raw like that right.

Let me go ahead and drop that in there let's get them eggs them.

Yolks broke and I gotta bring my buddy to the party.

You know when you're doing dealing with eggs, you got to add a little salt to it.

You know I mean so I'm gonna go ahead and just give it just a couple of pinches right, and you know we got a hair that too.

Yes, we do foreign.

This is how we're going to do this and I like to set mine up, so it makes sense to myself, especially if you're new right so I'm gonna.

Do it like this, because this is how we're going to layer this right, look, hash, browns, sausage, cheese and then we're gonna pour right, real, simple! So now we're just I'm gonna work with my hands.

Folks, I'm gonna just go ahead and just start putting some of these hash browns on the you know, just like this, you just want to layer.

It that's brown! Now we're going to come with the sausage.

All right! Look at this right here.

Can you guys smell what I'm cooking right now remember how I went in there and got that got my tomatoes out right found some onions.

Another raised a level up all right now, I want you guys to.

Let me know down in the comment section below what would you do to take this even more so over the top check it out now we got that cheese.

Remember the size, because we wanted to melt just right all right like to make sure I get a little bit of everywhere.

Then we're going to tie it all again, tie it all together.

You know with that uh with our egg mixture all right.

You know what I'm gonna shave a little bit of this bag.

You know why, because we're going to do that ooh we at the end, I'm gonna, go ahead and be quiet, because this right here make your your spidey sense.

Tingle! Look at that right there! Now you can see it when we put it in this oven.

This is going to make the egg mixture you know set, tie it all together and make it a little bit on the firm side right so check this out.

I'm gonna, put it I'm.

Gonna cover this with some foil, I'm gonna.

Ask you guys to let me know down in the comment section below too.

Do you know the answer to this? Hey you know: have you ever noticed that foil come on two sides which side do you use and which side just goes up at the top talk to me.

Folks, I might as well go ahead and tell you because you're gonna get a chance to see them.

You know you're gonna see me.

Do it anyway? Look the shiny side, the pretty side.

We call that the money side that goes to the top the door side that goes towards the food.

Okay, now that we got this covered, look I should have told you guys in the beginning.

Look we want to have 375 degrees, obviously I'm already preheated and ready to go so look I'm getting ready to open this up.

We're going to put this in here.

I'm gonna set a timer for 40 minutes and then we're going to take a look at it again.

First, just stick this in like this say goodbye to it for 40 minutes: okay, okay, so look we've been in here! Look 20 I mean 40 minutes right, so I'm gonna go ahead and take this I, don't have my my other I'm gonna get down like we do, hey, we'll just remind y'all love Granny come on granny.

You know she had that over her shoulder and did everything like I'm doing all right.

So look I'm gonna go ahead and remove the top look at that right here.

Folks tell me that right here, ain't fire literally, you can look at that.

If that ain't, hot I, don't know what it is.

Folks, you see the bell pepper.

You can't see that onion, but you can see that tomato, but anyway, before I, you know start patting myself on the back.

Let's just go ahead and put this in here like this.

Now we're gonna, let this go in here and stay in here for another 20 minutes.

Actually, I'm gonna look at it in about 15 minutes, but 20 minutes max.

We want to go ahead and brown and crisp up that top okay.

So look I got my light on I can look in the inside of that I'm gonna pull the shot right here.

Look at that right! There, folks that, right there tell me she ready now.

I'm gonna, give me a toothpick before I remove it, since we had some egg in here.

You just want to drop one in here somewhere like that get it in there make sure I hit the bottom, which I did then I'm just going to bring it up like that.

You see that right there you see how clean that is that tell me that the egg has set folks now I'm gonna go ahead and just remove this.

You know from the oven just in case y'all missed it.

I'm gonna go ahead, and do it just like that.

Look at that right! There folks I know.

Let me just put it out there again for you, you could push it! There's no wiggle to it.

We didn't check it.

Two comes out.

Clean I actually checked it on each one of these Corners.

You saw me check it in the middle.

The middle is where I'd be worried.

You know what I mean, but listen now, I'm gonna, let this up and then we go from there.

Hey look I'm letting this up right and uh.

It's somebody behind the camera that just got to have that they want to take it and do their own brunch thing today.

I was getting ready to cut it and they begging me not to do it.

You guys see it I'll have him send me some pictures, I'll put it in my community tab, so you guys can see right, but listen.

This is the way they want it.

Hey I, really don't want to do it.

I really don't want to make another one.

Nor do I have the time.

So look, I'm, gonna! Let him go ahead and get it, but you guys can imagine what it looks like you know.

We got hash brown.

Then we got that sausage.

We got that cheese and then we went ahead and hit it with that egg wash right all over the top and then again I'm gonna bring it up here closer.

You guys can see it.

Look at that one more time you can see the Tomato.

The bell pepper, you know that onion was in there that was really finely chopped, so I could get it to like dissolve and just release all of his flavors in there and I.

You know what you guys.

Let me know what you think down in the comment section below you know: I mean we eat with our eyes anyway, look I just put something out there.

That's very, very sexy on this Sunday, hey with that being said, listen if you're new to my channel.

Let me take this time to say: hey, thank you for watching this video don't forget to like smash that subscribe button and tell everybody out there.

Listen to this there's a channel out here.

That's simplifying these recipes and taking the mystery out of cooking and with that being said folks, this time I got to leave it and I'm out peace, foreign, foreign.


Do I cover my breakfast casserole when baking? ›

Covering the dish with aluminum foil for the first part of the bake time helps the casserole heat through to the center without drying out on top. Remove the foil for the last half of the bake time so that the top can crisp up.

Why is my breakfast casserole runny in the middle? ›

If the casserole is watery, it is underbaked. You don't want to thicken it – you need to bake it longer so that the eggs firm up.

How do I thicken my breakfast casserole? ›

Adding in a small amount of cornstarch keeps the consistency of the egg base tender and glossy. Cornstarch is a thickening agent that can also stabilize fully cooked eggs.

Why is my hash brown casserole soggy? ›

Drain thawed frozen hash browns of any excess moisture otherwise it can make your casserole soggy. Don't use just shredded potatoes. You can make your own hash browns but you must soak the shredded potatoes and dry them very well (see instructions in post).

What happens if you don't cover a casserole? ›

Uncovering the foods promotes browning and crisping, and reduces the amount of liquid in the finished dish. If a casserole looks soupy when it's ready to bake, bake it uncovered unless the ingredients include pasta or rice, which absorb liquid.

Should I bake covered or uncovered? ›

So, Is It Best To Bake Food Covered or Uncovered? As a general rule, anytime food bakes in an oven, it should remain uncovered unless the recipe specifically calls for it to have a cover.

How do you thicken a hash brown casserole? ›

Whisk together equal parts cornstarch and cold water in a small bowl. Use one tablespoon of cornstarch per cup of liquid you would like to thicken. Stir out all the lumps. A few minutes before your casserole is done, add it a little at a time until you are happy with the thickness.

How do you thicken a sausage casserole? ›

If you want to make the casserole gravy thicker, after the full cooking time. Mix 1 tablespoon of cornflour with 1 tablespoon of water, mix until lump-free, then and add to the pot. Cook on high and keep the lid off. It will thicken within 15 to 30 minutes whilst you prepare the side dishes.

How do you know when a casserole is done? ›

Use the trusty food thermometer

However, when it comes to knowing definitively that your casserole is done, Kitchen Seer states there is really only one way: A food thermometer. You will need to ensure the internal temperature is at a minimum of 165 degrees F.

Why is my casserole soupy? ›

Your vegetables could be to blame

According to Allrecipes, the vegetables you selected are the most common culprit for your watery casserole, due to the high percentage of moisture that some of them contain in their raw form which seeps out as they cook down in your dish.

Why is my egg bake not cooking in the middle? ›

Turning down the heat and extending the cooking time slightly can help cook an uncovered casserole evenly. High heat cooks the outside faster than the inside, leaving the middle uncooked. Reducing the temperature distributes heat more evenly, allowing the middle to cook through.

How can I improve my casserole flavor? ›

Fresh herbs or citrus zest can also punch up flavors with a bit of welcome brightness for a long-cooked dish, as can adding some heat in the form of a dash of hot sauce, a generous pinch of minced or sliced fresh chili pepper, or a shake of red pepper flakes.

Should I thaw hash browns for casserole? ›

Thaw the hash browns before you start: Thawing the frozen hash browns prevents the sauce from clumping when you mix them in, and helps the casserole cook faster. You can thaw your shredded hash browns overnight in the fridge directly in their bag or for about an hour at room temperature.

Why do you rinse potatoes for hash browns? ›

To ensure ultimate crispness, be sure to rinse the grated potatoes with cold water until the water runs nearly clear and to use a very hot, well-seasoned pan. As with all potato dishes, remember to season well.

What is the key to making a good casserole? ›

  1. Choose the right baking dish. If you're all about the crunchy topping, use a shallow dish. ...
  2. Undercook your pasta. ...
  3. Drain your meat. ...
  4. Beware of mushy vegetables. ...
  5. Know your cheeses. ...
  6. Master the art of casserole assembly. ...
  7. Don't skip the topping. ...
  8. Make it now, but bake it later.
Nov 1, 2021

Do casseroles cook better covered or uncovered? ›

Covering a casserole helps the dish cook evenly, stay moist, and prevents burning. Uncovering helps with browning, crisping and allowing for steam to release.

Is it better to bake with foil or no foil? ›

A basic saying to guide your use of papers in the kitchen: "Sweet treats need parchment sheets; grill or broil, go with foil," says Weaver. Foil conducts and distributes heat, making it able to withstand high temperatures from baking, broiling, roasting, or grilling. For anything above 400 degrees, use foil.

What temperature do you bake a casserole? ›

Casseroles should be baked in a moderately hot oven

But too hot, and it won't cook evenly without some parts of it scorching first, according to KitchenSeer. A great rule of thumb, the site states, is to bake a casserole above 300 degrees F and below 400 degrees F: 350 degrees F is a great sweet spot.

Why do you cover food with aluminum foil in the oven? ›

Covering dishes with aluminum foil during a bake helps lock in moisture. Loosely placing or tenting a sheet of foil over a dish can prevent the top from browning while the rest of your dish continues to bake.

How long to put casserole in oven? ›

Cover the baking tray with aluminum foil and place in a 350ºF oven. The time required for reheating depends on how cold the dish was to start with and the density of the contents. Generally casseroles take about 20-30 minutes to reheat, but use the tips below for checking when it's properly heated throughout.

Can I use fresh shredded potatoes instead of frozen? ›

Can I use fresh potatoes instead of frozen hash browns? You can use fresh potatoes instead of frozen hash browns if you would like. You'll need to shred the potatoes to be like hash browns, then put the shreds in a bowl of cold water.

Why do my hash browns fall apart? ›

The biggest culprit that's making your hash browns come apart is moisture. You need to make sure the potatoes are dry before adding them to the flour and egg mixture. Whether you squeeze them out in a dish towel or use a salad spinner, get the potatoes as dry as they can be.

How do you thicken a sausage casserole without cornstarch? ›

6 Ways to Thicken Sauce Without Cornstarch
  1. Reduce the sauce. Simmering your sauce over low heat will cause the water in the sauce to evaporate and the sauce to naturally thicken. ...
  2. Add egg yolks. ...
  3. Prepare a roux. ...
  4. Make a beurre manié. ...
  5. Add pureed vegetables. ...
  6. Use another thickening agent.
Jan 18, 2022

Does egg thicken casserole? ›

One method to keep in your back pocket is using egg yolks to thicken sauces and soups, and to turn leftover pan liquid into a dreamy flavor infusion. Once you get the hang of it, using egg yolks as a thickening agent is a relatively simple way to create a deep, rich flavor and texture, plus a little punch of protein.

Will sausage gravy thicken as it cooks? ›

Cooking for too little time: As the gravy cooks, it slowly thickens, so if you don't allow it to cook long enough, it will be too thin. Set the stove on medium heat and bring your gravy to a boil before letting it simmer. Once the gravy has reached your desired consistency, turn off the stove and let the sauce cool.

Can you overfill a casserole dish? ›

Never overfill the casserole

The next thing you must make sure is to never overfill your casserole. Add your ingredients in such a way that it doesn't overfill the baking dish. Overfilling can sometimes ruin the dish so if you have a perfectly baked casserole dish then this is the ultimate tip to consider.

How long should you let a casserole sit? ›

But when you're thinking about the timing of the meal, add on at least 10 minutes for the casserole to sit when it comes out of the oven. It's just like resting meat. This is especially important for casseroles that have a decent amount of liquid or gooey cheese in them.

Does covering a casserole make it cook faster? ›

Casseroles. Casseroles with creamy fillings, such as broccoli, cheese and rice, lasagna, or macaroni and cheese should be covered initially while the ingredients heat up. Covering them helps them cook faster and also keeps them moist by holding in steam. You can also use this approach with breaded meats and stews.

Can you overcook a casserole? ›

Can you overcook a casserole? You can't overcook a casserole, as long as there is plenty liquid still in it. However, the meat and other vegetables may start falling apart into the sauce the longer you leave it.

Why do you let a casserole rest? ›

Let the casserole sit to let it set

According to Allrecipes, letting your hotdish cool for about 20 minutes before digging in will help any liquids be reabsorbed and help firm up any creamy ingredients like soup, sauce, or melted cheese. This chance to rest helps the casserole set, which makes it also easier to serve.

How do you thicken a slow cooked casserole? ›

Cornstarch, potato starch, and chickpea flour are a couple of pantry-friendly ways to thicken soups, stews, and sauces in the slow cooker. Just a tablespoon or two of any — added towards the end of cooking — will thicken sauces especially well.

What happens if you add an extra egg to baking? ›

Add an Extra Egg

The additional fat in the egg yolk helps create a more tender and moist cake that is full of flavor. The extra egg also helps the cake have a more stable texture, which is great if you want to bake it up as a layer cake instead of a sheet cake or cupcakes.

What happens if you overbeat eggs in baking? ›

It is preferable to underbeat egg whites slightly than to overbeat them. Overbeaten egg whites look lumpy and dull and form big white clumps if you try to fold them into another mixture.

Does half an egg make a difference in baking? ›

Take eggs, for instance: Because the whites and yolks perform different functions in a recipe (whites add aeration and fluffiness, yolks add fat and richness), you can't skip out on one of them if you're halving a recipe that calls for a whole egg.

Why add flour to casserole? ›

Using flour as a thickener

1. It can be added to the meat as it's being fried, before liquid is added, and this way it will thicken a stew as it cooks. We use this method in our beef & vegetable casserole recipe.

What are 2 ways to enhance flavor? ›

Acidic ingredients help lift and balance flavor. Use small amounts of ingredients with bold flavors such as pomegranate seeds, chipotle pepper or cilantro. Give a flavor burst with condiments such as horseradish, flavored mustard, chutney, wasabi, bean purees, tapenade and salsas of all kinds.

How do you add flavor to a bland casserole? ›

Fresh herbs or citrus zest can also punch up flavors with a bit of welcome brightness for a long-cooked dish, as can adding some heat in the form of a dash of hot sauce, a generous pinch of minced or sliced fresh chili pepper, or a shake of red pepper flakes.

How do you cover a casserole dish in the oven? ›

Our answer. Generally we would use a tightly fitting pan lid for covering a pan or pot in the oven, as long as the lid and handle are oven safe. If the pan you are using does not come with a suitable lid then you may need to use a layer, or even a double layer, of foil to cover the pan.

Does covering a casserole with foil make it cook faster? ›

In general, covering a casserole dish will cook the food faster. This is because the lid traps the heat that rises off the food instead of letting it dissipate into the oven.

Can you cook a casserole without foil? ›

For oven use, replace foil with parchment paper. For food prep, wax paper is non-stick and can be an alternative to foil.

How do you keep a casserole from drying out? ›

Cover the casserole tightly with a cover or aluminum foil to help retain moisture. Simply reheat, not recook the casserole. Most casseroles require at least 20 minutes to reach a temp of 165 in the center.

What temperature should a casserole be cooked at? ›

Casseroles should be baked in a moderately hot oven

But too hot, and it won't cook evenly without some parts of it scorching first, according to KitchenSeer. A great rule of thumb, the site states, is to bake a casserole above 300 degrees F and below 400 degrees F: 350 degrees F is a great sweet spot.

Can I use aluminum foil as a lid in the oven? ›

Loosely placing or tenting a sheet of foil over a dish can prevent the top from browning while the rest of your dish continues to bake. If you're looking to create more steam in the baking process, sealing the dish tightly with a foil lid will do the trick.

Can I use tin foil as a casserole lid? ›

Foil. A double sheet of foil works well as a lid when you need a closer fit than a sheet pan or a frying pan would provide. It's a little more difficult to manipulate than a lid, but it traps heat and moisture just as effectively.

How long should you cook a casserole? ›

Cover and bake at 350°F for about 50 minutes to 1 hour or microwave using 50% power for about 15 to 30 minutes, rotating or stirring as necessary.

Is it better to cook faster covered or uncovered? ›

But when you put a lid on, the heat stays in the pot. It helps cook your food faster. Less time cooking results in less energy used. So yes, putting a lid on your pots and pans while cooking does make your food cook faster, saving energy.

What can I use instead of tin foil? ›

Aluminum foil is not an eco-friendly kitchen item, but fortunately it can be easily swapped with alternatives like reusable cloth or beeswax wraps, silicon lids, silpats for baking sheets, and glass or stainless steel food storage containers.

Does food cook faster with or without foil? ›

These include Aluminium foil and butcher paper. Wrapping your brisket in aluminum foil speeds up cooking time and keeps in the meat's fat and juices, leaving it tender. It also helps keep the temperature constant, allowing it to cook evenly.

Do you reheat casserole with lid on or off? ›

Should you cover food when reheating it in the oven? Yes! To prevent an overcooked, dry casserole, cover the baking dish tightly with aluminum foil. This eliminates any moisture loss when using the oven method—keeping everything nice and juicy.

How long to set out casserole before baking? ›

For the best results, remove your casserole from the fridge 30-60 minutes before baking it. This step is essential to keeping your casserole in the oven for as little time as possible while promoting even heating and protecting your bakeware.

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