Suite Key In BG3: How To Obtain It? - The Nature Hero (2024)

The Suite Key in BG3 is an exciting item you can acquire by solving quests.

This key gives you different powers and the ability to unlock different areas that cannot be accessed otherwise.

You can obtain the suite key by solving puzzles and interacting with NPCs like Bernard, which will lead to opening the doors like the Ornate Door and exploring secret chambers.

Let us dive deep into the Suite key, exploring where to find it and how to obtain it.

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What Is The Suite Key?

The Suite Key in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a pivotal item that grants access to exclusive areas within the game.

This key is a gateway to ornate doors within the Arcane Tower in the Underdark Area.

Notable doors include the Ornate Door, The Enchanted Door, and the Tower Guardian’s Door.

To acquire the Suite Key, you must solve puzzles like the Sussur Bloom Generator puzzle.

Additionally, you must interact with NPCs like Bernardand complete quests like the Arcane Tower Questline.

Possession of the Suite Key enables you to unlock these doors, revealing hidden chambers.

Likewise, it contains unique challenges, valuable rewards, and further narrative developments.

Where And How To Find The Suite Key In BG3?

The major place to find the Suite Key is the Arcane Tower in the Underdark area.

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on where you can obtain the Suite Key.

1. Initiating The Quest

The questline leading to the Suite Key usually starts when you enter the Underdark Area and discover the Arcane Tower.

2. Navigating The Arcane Tower

To access the Suite Key, you must first navigate the Arcane Tower.

Moreover, this may involve dealing with challenges and NPCs and solving puzzles along the way.

Read till the end to learn about the puzzles you need to solve and how to solve them.

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3. Encounter With Turrets

As you ascend the tower, you will encounter turrets guarding its entrance.

Similarly, these turrets can pose a threat, and you might need to employ your character’s abilities, such as Feather Fall or Misty Step, to bypass them.

4. Deactivating The Turrets

To safely pass the turrets, you can find a Sussur Blossom in the tower’s vicinity.

5. Accessing The Elevator

You will need to locate the tower’s elevator to go to the upper levels.

Correspondingly, a small gap or hidden entrance often grants access to the elevator’s location.

6. Encounter With Bernard

At the top of the Arcane Tower, you will encounter Bernard, a significant NPC.

Engaging in conversation with Bernard is crucial, as he holds valuable information about the Suite Key.

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7. Answering Bernard’s Questions

Answering Bernard’s questions correctly is essential to progress further and obtaining the Suite Key.

8. Claiming The Suite Key

After successfully navigating the conversation, you will acquire the Suite Key from Bernard’s loot.

Although this is a common process to obtain the Suite Key, you might sometimes need to solve some challenging quests and puzzles.

Keep reading and explore how to use Mushroom Circles and reach suspicious sounds in BG3.

Puzzles You Need To Solve To Acquire The Suite Key

The specific puzzles may vary depending on the quest line and storyline.

Here are a few examples of the puzzles players might encounter to obtain the Suite Key.

1. Sussur Bloom Generator Puzzle

To disable the powerful turrets guarding the Arcane Tower, you must solve the Sussur Bloom Generator puzzle.

This involves locating the Sussur Blossom and attaching it to the Generator, thereby deactivating the turrets.

2. Bernard’s Questionnaire

Upon reaching the top of the Arcane Tower, you encounter Bernard, the Tower Guardian.

Moreover, engaging in conversation, you must answer a series of questions posed by Bernard.

Answering correctly demonstrates your knowledge of the game’s mechanics, rewarding you with the Suite Key.

3. Ornate Door Lock Mechanism

Accessible with the Suite Key, the Ornate Door presents a lock mechanism puzzle.

Also, carefully analyze the intricate details of the lock and use your skills to manipulate the lock components.

4. Enchanted Door Runes

The Enchanted Door features magical runes that you need to decipher.

Likewise, gather clues from your surroundings, understand the magical symbols, and arrange them in the correct sequence to open the door.

5. Hidden Relic Questline

As part of a questline involving various NPCs and locations, you might need to retrieve hidden relics scattered across the game world.

In addition, combine or interact with these relics in a specific way to yield a clue pointing you to the Suite Key’s location.

6. Trial Of Elements Quest:

In a specific quest, you encounter a Trial of Elements, where you must manipulate the environment’s elemental properties to navigate a complex maze.

Furthermore, completing this trial reveals a hidden chamber containing the Suite Key.

The Bottom Line

The Suite Key in BG3 unlocks hidden realms and treasures.

Solve puzzles, face challenges, and interact with NPCs like Bernard to obtain it.

Open doors like the Ornate Door, decipher enchanted runes and explore secret chambers.

Happy gaming!

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Suite Key In BG3: How To Obtain It? - The Nature Hero (2024)
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