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It appears that you are seeking for a Best color combination to Go well with Walnut Cabinets and while you planning your kitchen’s design over walnut cabinets.

Before you start your kitchen remodeling project, you should be aware of the following.

Light, neutral, and cool colors are best for painting your kitchen’s walls.

What Paint Colors go well with Walnut Cabinets?

Walnut is a great wood for cabinetry because it is strong and has a natural look. Some great colors to pair with walnut cabinetry are earth tones, such as brown, beige, and tan. Other great options include black, navy, and light blue.

Choose Madre Parole Granite or Cambria White Quartz for your countertops.
The flooring made of maple and oak will look stunning with walnut cabinets.
Appliances should match the color of your walnut cabinet. For light walnut cabinets, use white or stainless steel, while for dark walnut cabinets, use black or stainless steel.

Walnut cabinets are famous for their rich and warm textured structure. Pair them with right color of countertops, floor, walls, appliances, and I bet you will love the outcome.

As walnut cabinets are warm and darker-toned, paint colors with light hues and neutral tones compliment walnut cabinets perfectly.

Light grey color paint goes well with walnut cabinetry, And Also off-white, sage green, Grey-blue, French Vanilla, and vanilla cream shades are some of the popular choices to liven up the kitchen.

Sometimes you just want to play with different ideas and bring your imagination to life.


Woodstock TanGet The Look
Beacon Hill DamaskGet The Look
Raintree GreenGet The Look
Blooming GroveGet The Look
Fresh GrassGet The Look

Guide to Matching Countertop Colors...

Guide to Matching Countertop Colors with Walnut Cabinets

The best Paint colors to match walnut cabinets are listed below.

  • #Off WhiteHere
  • #Sage GreenHere
  • #Comfort GreyHere
  • #Grey Blue Here
  • #French VanillaHere

In case you want to go for darker paint for your kitchen walls, I would suggest making sure your kitchen area is well-lit to balance out the darkness.

White Dove is a go-to hue for walls, trim, cabinetry, and other millwork if you’re a huge fan of white shades.” “As a result, this white is consistently in our top 10 most popular hues across our entire system.” One of the color’s biggest lovers is designer Madeline Stuart, who chose White Dove in her Santa Barbara retreat.

Walnut Kitchen Cabinet :Color Pairing Guide +17 Options | HOME CABINET EXPERT (3)

With medium-toned walnut cabinets, subtle blues or greys work best while for darker shades of walnut cabinets go with light shades of mint or green, and blue-grays.

What color appliances to use with dark walnut cabinets?

Walnut Kitchen Cabinet :Color Pairing Guide +17 Options | HOME CABINET EXPERT (4)

For dark walnut cabinets, dark-colored appliances complement each other.

Black and slate grey appliances go hand in hand with dark walnut cabinets.

Whereas stainless steel is thought to be a neutral color for appliances as it works for both light and dark walnut cabinets.

You can play with different ideas when buying appliances for a newly remodeled kitchen.

But be mindful of your kitchen’s, cabinetry, flooring, and countertops when buying appliances. Dark appliances, for dark walnut cabinets. Another great option is stainless steel appliances. White appliances only work well with white colored cabinetry.

When you are confused go for stainless steel appliances, they are not only popular but easier to manage and go well with both light and dark walnut cabinets.

What color countertops go well with walnut cabinets?

Light colors such as the Grey color countertop goes well with walnut cabinetry, And Also White, Beige and a blend of Gold with brown, are among popular countertop choices for medium to dark toned walnut cabinets.

After cabinetry, countertops are the next thing to be selected based on your walnut cabinet’s tone.

What a kitchen!!! 😍😍😍

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A mix of walnut and crisp white finishes gives this kitchen a clean yet inviting look.#toronto #pretty #design #homeinspo #torontodesigner #homedecor #torontostyle #home #torontodesigner #kitchen #walnutkitchen #woodkitchen pic.twitter.com/X6rSeY0oNT

— Janice Schier – Realtor (@JaniceSchier) November 29, 2018

Same colored countertops and cabinetry looks bland, it will be a wiser choice to go for contrasting colors.

In fact, light colored countertops are your safest options as they beautifully brighten the kitchen and blend in with both light and dark shades of walnut cabinets.

For rich darker shades of walnut cabinets, go for countertops colors with,

The best countertops colors to match with walnut cabinets are listed below.

  • Golden shades blended with brown undertones.
  • Creamy white
  • Beige
  • Crisp White.
Walnut Kitchen Cabinet :Color Pairing Guide +17 Options | HOME CABINET EXPERT (5)

Cool shades such as grey and white with undertones of grey countertop complements medium-toned walnut cabinets perfectly.

Also, backsplash color of your kitchen wall should harmonize with your countertop.

What color countertops go with light walnut cabinets?

Contrary to popular belief, light walnut cabinets paired with white countertops exudes a popping effect and brightens up space.

Light walnut cabinets, white countertops, and natural light peeking through the windows, a perfect combination for both Modern and Traditionally styled kitchens.

Usually, contrasting colors are chosen for countertops and dark cabinets, but light walnut cabinets paired with light shades of countertops brighten up the kitchen without having to install lights in every nook and corner.

list of the best countertops colors to go with light walnut cabinets

  • Blond shade of walnut cabinets look lively with white Torquay countertops.
  • Brittanicca Gold countertops for mid-toned walnut cabinets.
  • Swanbridge Cambria, a gorgeous Matte countertop to pair with light walnut cabinets.
  • Crisp White Cambria countertop with warm light brown walnut cabinets.

What color floor goes with walnut cabinets?

LIGHT COLORED FLOORING. It works great with both dark and light walnut cabinets.

Ideal floor colors that will pair beautifully with walnut cabinets are different ranges of light hues like grey, whitewashed floor, honey and blonde.

Dark and light patterned hardwood floors, like light brown with slightly darker tones, will be trending this year.

Sometimes walnut cabinets are paired with walnut flooring, a combination which works remarkably for both Modern and Traditional kitchens.

It emanates warm and homey feeling, and kitchen is the area surrounded by family most of the times so make it as lively as possible by using warm, natural shades.

What color flooring goes with dark walnut cabinets?

For dark walnut cabinets, you should only opt for light-colored floors, like light maple, in different ranges of light browns color Floor goes well with walnut cabinetry, And Also whitewash and greys.

If you are aiming for a modern, industrial-looking kitchen with darker floors, make sure your house or apartment has floor to ceiling glass windows to lighten up the kitchen, or else an overly dark color scheme will put you off and make you feel caged in.

I would suggest though to avoid matching your dark cabinetry and floor colors, it would rather look bland.

Dark walnut cabinets with light honey brown flooring, might be a better choice if you want to incorporate slightly dark floor colors.

What wall color goes with walnut cabinets?

Walnut cabinets come with medium to dark brown undertones color Wall goes well with walnut cabinetry, And Also opt for warm, light, and earthy wall colors to compliment the walnut cabinets.

Some of the top pick wall colors for walnut cabinets are Dover white, earthy shades with blue and green hues like sage green, light blue, soft grey, and Vanilla shades.

Walnut Kitchen Cabinet :Color Pairing Guide +17 Options | HOME CABINET EXPERT (6)

The natural, and timeless characteristic of walnut cabinets is the reason for its popularity, combine it with earthy, soothing natural wall colors to bring it together beautifully.

Because of rich and dark color of the cabinet, avoid using bold clashing wall colors.

Imagine entering your kitchen and blinded by stark white or chocolate brown combined with dark cabinets. Sounds cavernous, right?

What color quartz goes with walnut cabinets?

White Cambria goes color quartz goes well with walnut cabinetry, with the warm and rich texture of walnut cabinets.

To name a few, Cambria White Cliff, Cambria Clovelly, Brittannicca Gold Cambria will contrast beautifully if you have walnut cabinets in your kitchen.

Walnut Kitchen Cabinet :Color Pairing Guide +17 Options | HOME CABINET EXPERT (7)

If you have dark walnut cabinets, Organic White Quartz will contrast well with your walnut cabinet, and the White color range for the kitchen is all the hype right now, so you can use Cambria’s white quartz range for any kind of walnut cabinet.

Quartz is a natural stone, paired with natural wood cabinets like walnut, it cannot go wrong.

Who manufactures the best walnut slab door kitchen cabinets?

For sophisticated, and refined cabinetry, Professional woodworkers are your best bet.

They make different styles of slab door walnut cabinets such as modern, mid-century, and contemporary style, if that is what you are looking for.


Slab door walnut cabinets are all the rage these days, it makes your kitchen look modern, sleek, and attractive.

There are number of different ways you can get walnut slab door cabinets manufactured for your kitchen.

In fact, you can construct one at home by yourself.

Still, professional woodworkers will be better option for an overall modern, and sophisticated kitchen outlook.

How Expensive are Walnut Cabinets?

Due to its scarcity walnut cabinets are much more expensive than maple or oak. Cost of walnut cabinets for an average 10×10 kitchen ranges between $4,000 to $6,000.

One set of good quality fully customized walnut kitchen cabinet costs around $3,000 – $20,000 depending on the age of the wood, design, style, and size of your kitchen.

It takes 30 years for walnut trees to reach maturity, the reason why it is so scarce and expensive to buy.

After 30 walnut trees are ready to be milled and sold.

Black walnut trees? Now that is a classy, aged walnut tree that takes 55 years to be ready for milling. It is one of the most beautiful woods in the world, and because of its low supply and more demand, we see spikes in the prices of walnut cabinets.

Is Black Walnut Cabinet Worth the Hype?

Seeing the popularity and demand of black walnut across the U.S, I would say yes it most definitely is worth the hype.

Black walnut is highly durable, shock resistant and comes with a variety of natural tones, ranging from pale grey, and creamy white sapwood to pale brown and beautiful dark chocolate heartwood.

Black walnut cabinets are a luxury for those who love vintage things, because of its irregular grain patterns, and naturally stained beautiful wood structure, it exudes an otherworldly aura that takes you back in time.

Final Thoughts

Walnut cabinets are naturally rich and textured, worse thing you can do is ruin that beauty by using the wrong color scheme around your kitchen.

Contrasting light and dark colors can never go wrong, but according to the recent trends, walnut cabinets are being paired with light colored countertops, wall paints and flooring isn’t that interesting?

If you have walnut cabinets installed in your kitchen, go for shades ranging from off-white, cream, light blue, and greens to grey.

Neutral, warm, and cool hues will accentuate beautifully with the earthy undertone of wood.

For those of you, who want to use dark colored kitchen theme for their walnut cabinets.

I have some tips you can follow.

  • Dark countertops with light walnut cabinets will work if only your wall colors are lighter, such as off-white, white, grey, and light blue or light green.
  • Never make a mistake of using dark color for every element of your kitchen. Contrasting works best.
  • Dark countertops should be paired with light walnut cabinets and light-colored floor and wall.

Light colors are your best bet if you want your kitchen to look trendy, modern, and sleek.

For Traditional, farmhouse styled kitchens with walnut cabinets, select light countertops, walls, hardwood floors and stainless-steel appliances.

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