What Colors Go With Dark Oak Cabinets? 14 Answers You Should Know (Beginner’s Guide) | HOME CABINET EXPERT (2023)

What Colors Go With Dark Oak Cabinets? 14 Answers You Should Know (Beginner’s Guide) | HOME CABINET EXPERT (1)

If you are going to have dark oak cabinets installed in your kitchen, you must have a particular color scheme you want to go with.

Enhancing Your Space: A Guide to Ch...

Enhancing Your Space: A Guide to Choosing the Best Paint Colors for Dark Oak Cabinets

If not, let me help you out by explaining what colors go well with dark oak cabinets.

White and light paint colors work wonders with dark oak cabinets. Go for white, brown, black, and gray countertops. Off-white walls, maple or Oak floors, and stainless steel hardware complement dark oak cabinets. Lastly, select stainless steel appliances and a dark oak kitchen table. There you go!!

Kitchens with dark oak cabinets look elegant and timeless.

It takes you back in time when dark and antique furniture was considered a luxury.

In fact, dark cabinets in the kitchen throw an aged and luxurious aura, if designed correctly you can have a beautiful and appealing to the eyes kitchen.

So in this article, you will find a beginner’s guide to a color scheme that will go beautifully with dark oak cabinets.


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What Paint Colors Go with Dark Oak Cabinets?

Warm Neutrals go well with dark oak cabinets.

  • Shell White SW 8917
  • Natural Linen SW 9109
  • Atrium White PM-13 Here
  • and Bleeker Beige HC-80 Here

are some of the best warm neutrals.

If you want a soothing kitchen environment go with cool neutrals like Ammonite Farrow & Ball and Stormy Mondays 2112-50.

Dark Oak cabinets are warm, complementary neutral warm colors will embrace that warmth and complement it well.

Creamy colors like Sherwin Williams Honied White SW 7106 and Benjamin Moore’s Windham Cream HC-6 appear as warm light colors to go with dark oak.

The purpose is to create a comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen, no matter how large or small the area is.

Warm Neutrals

  • Shell White SW 8917
  • Benjamin Moore’s Atrium White
  • Benjamin Moore’s Foggy Morning
  • Bleeker Beige HC-80
  • Natural Linen SW 9109

Cool Neutrals

  • Stormy Mondays 2112-50
  • Silver Half Dollar 2121-40
  • Ammonite Farrow & Ball
  • Cloud Cover Benjamin Moore
  • Pale Powder Farrow & Ball

Bold Neutral

  • Tricorn Black SW 6258
  • Breakfast Room Farrow & Ball
  • Benjamin Moore Gray 2121-10
  • Montpelier AF-555

What Color Appliances to Use with Dark Oak Cabinets?

Stainless steel appliances go perfectly with dark oak cabinets.

As stainless steel is a neutral color it not only complements a kitchen with dark cabinets but also gives enough contrast to have a character of its own. You can also go with Black and black stainless steel but stay away from white.

It is suggested by professional interior designers to match the appliances with the hardware and backsplash.

It makes us wonder, what is the connection? Well, each element of a kitchen is interconnected.

Go wrong with one color and you might have to redo or make some change to right the wrong.

Like, buying white appliances with dark cabinets?

Nope. It will look too stark and compete with the color of the dark oak cabinets.

Stainless steel appliances are the only option that will work perfectly with dark oak cabinets.

It is a neutral color for appliances so it cannot go wrong.

This matching wood guide will assist you in determining which types of wood will suit the colors in your kitchen.

What color countertops go with Dark Oak Cabinets?

Bianco Antico Granite and Colonial Gold granite go best with dark oak cabinets. The gold hues in the countertop make the rich warm color of the cabinets sing through.

Also, White Spring Granite, Santa Cecelia Granite, Calacatta Laza Quartz, and Calacatta Oro look great with dark oak cabinetry.

White countertops always go well with dark cabinets.

#MISTRALHighlights – This warm and welcoming kitchen achieves a signature style through a combination of various textures and colours. MISTRAL Manuka worktops sit upon contrasting dark oak cabinets whilst copper accents bring all of these elements together. pic.twitter.com/3ddDa2EGBe

— KARONIA Surfaces (@Karonia_Ltd) March 25, 2019

Likewise, with dark oak cabinets white, gold, grey-shaded, and creamy countertops contrast amazingly well.

The reason why dark countertops don’t look good with dark cabinets is that the contrasting countertops accentuate the dark cabinetry as well as lift up the heavy feel in the kitchen.

To find Match, click the link below. To go with dark oak cabinets, choose one of these countertops. on the Amazon

  • Calacatta Marble Here
  • Colonial Gold Granite
  • White Spring Granite
  • New Venetian Gold Granite
  • Bianco Antico Granite
  • Iced Gray Quartz
  • Black Galaxy Granite
  • Jet Mix Granite
  • Santa Cecelia Granite

Also, the color intensity depends on the kind of countertop you are using. So, choose wisely.

Sherwin Williams Paint Colors That go with Dark Oak Cabinets.

Some of the top Sherwin Williams paint colors that go beautifully with dark oak cabinets are Colonnade Gray SW 7641, Composed SW 6472, Topsail SW 6217, Kilim Beige SW 6106, and Silverplate SW 7649.

These are all light shades that will highlight the reddish-brown undertone of the dark oak cabinets.

Sherwin William’s warm neutrals are a beautiful paint choice for your kitchen with dark cabinetry.

There needs to be some transition in the kitchen from the dark atmosphere.

Dark cabinets will contrast perfectly with Sherwin William’s light paint colors.

Warm neutrals blend well with the warmth of the dark oak cabinets while cool neutrals accentuate dark woods by toning down the warmth in the room.

Let’s have a look at some of the best Sherwin Williams paint colors to go with your dark oak cabinets.

  • Colonnade Gray SW 7641
  • Mindful Gray SW 7016
  • Kilim Beige SW 6106
  • Canvas Tan SW 7531
  • Restful White SW 7563
  • Topsail SW 6217
  • Composed SW 6472
  • Seasalt SW 6204
  • Heron Plume SW 6070
  • Silverplate SW 7649

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors That go With Dark Oak Cabinets.

The neutral paint colors of Benjamin Moore pair perfectly with dark oak cabinets.

To complement the rich hues of dark oak go with Benjamin Moore’s Stonington Gray HC 170, Collingwood OC-28, Abalone 2108-60, Mountain Air CC-636, and Gullwing Gray 2134-60.

Benjamin Moore’s light colors are beautiful accents to contrast with dark cabinets.

Warm neutral, Cool neutral, off-white, and colors with hints of blue and green accentuate the dark oak cabinets.

Dark cabinetry becomes the focal point of the kitchen when the wall colors are light and airy.

Here are the top choices from Benjamin paint colors to go with your dark oat cabinets.

  • Stonington Gray HC 170
  • Sandy Hook Gray HC 108
  • Revere Pewter HC 172
  • Gray Cashmere 2138-60
  • Abalone 2108-60
  • Collingwood OC-28
  • Gentle Cream OC-96
  • Mountain Air CC 636
  • Blue Haze 1667
  • Gullwing Gray 2134-60

What Color Backsplash with Dark Oak Kitchen Cabinets?

Mosaic, ceramic tiles, Subway tiles, and brown earth backsplash colors go well with dark oak cabinets.

Depending on the color of other kitchen elements, go with colors that go in tandem with the other kitchen components.

Backsplash matching to the color of countertop or walls harmonizes the kitchen’s color scheme.

Guide about flooring to go with honey oak cabinets

White subway tiles with off-white countertops match beautifully with dark oak cabinets.

A real sophisticated, contemporary look was achieved with this recent kitchen in one of our London house renovation projects. The dark stained oak cabinets on the back wall were the perfect contrast to the marble worktops and light oak flooring. pic.twitter.com/YWXyAyDwr8

— Hetherington Newman (@InfoHandesign) February 17, 2020

As we all know backsplash color should match with the countertop color, it can be patterned, plain marble, glass, ceramic, or mosaic tiles depending on your preference.

After that knowledge, it is not so difficult to choose a backsplash color that goes well with every element of the kitchen.

Some of the pretty backsplash options are:

  • White gray glass and marble linear mosaic
  • White subway tiles
  • Patterned ceramic backsplash
  • Light cream mosaic
  • Brown and earth tones
  • Strip Tiles
  • Natural Stone

What Color Floor Goes with Dark Oak Cabinets?

Light Maple and Oak flooring look amazing with dark oak cabinets.

Natural Maple and Oak are very light-colored hardwoods, so it is a great option for light-colored flooring.

You can also go with slate-gray tiles, but make sure you have enough lighting in the kitchen to lift off the darkness.

Dark Oak cabinets are already a dark shade, to match it with a dark flooring should be handled carefully.

It is important to select the right shade because the dark hardwood floor complementing the dark cabinets will add to the elegant kitchen style.

We know metal #splashbacks go well with metal cabinetry, but how about mixing it up? This kitchen design incorporates a patterned metal splashback with dark oak wood drawers and cabinets.
Get in touch with #TELKitchens for modern & audacious designs that’s far from boring. pic.twitter.com/JgbESlmU4J

— TEL Kitchens (@telkitchens) April 4, 2020

Light floors will look amazing with dark oak cabinets.

Ceramic tiles and vinyl is yet another option you can explore.

Light oak floors, Hickory, Ash, and light maple complement dark oak cabinets wonderfully.

A timeless combination to go with dark oak cabinets.

You can use tiles, stone, wood planks as your flooring, depending on the aesthetics of your kitchen.

You can also go with Slate Gray tiles.

In fact, an open, high ceiling kitchen with a lot of natural airways will look better with the dark opulent theme in the kitchen.

To avoid the small appearance of the kitchen paint your ceilings white to lift off the heavy feel.

What Color Ceiling with Dark oak Cabinets?

The decorator’s White CC-20 works great as a ceiling color with dark oak cabinets.

The light-colored ceiling makes the kitchen appear airy and large, so go with Super White PM-1, White Dove OC-17, and Topsail SW 6217.

If you want dark ceilings to go with Valspar’s Bayou Shade and Townsend Harbor Brown HC-64.

Unless your ceilings are hardwood, white colors or soft colored ceilings are great for dark oat cabinetry.

White ceilings make the kitchen appear light, bright, and airy.

Whereas dark ceilings add to the elegance in the room, make sure your kitchen has enough lighting installed in every nook and corner to chase off the darkness in the room.

There are certain conditions where you can get your wish of painting your ceiling with a dark paint color.

If your kitchen walls are the white or equally light color you can use dark ceilings as a contrast.

Secondly, if you want an intimate and cozy feel to your kitchen paint your ceilings with dark paint.

Finally. Dark ceilings complement light-colored wood details on the ceiling of the room.

Here are few options to make you better understand the kind of ceiling colors you should go with dark oak cabinets in your kitchen.

  • Super White PM-1
  • White Dove OC-17
  • Decorator’s White CC-20
  • Valspar’s Bayou Shade 6006 3-C
  • Townsend Harbor Brown HC-64
  • Topsail SW 6217

What Color Hardware Goes with Dark Oak Cabinets?

Stainless steel, Silver, and Brushed Nickel go well with dark oak cabinets. Silver cools down the warm dark cabinets and contrasts wonderfully with the dark oak wood.

Stainless steel is a perfect choice for a sleek and modern kitchen. Whereas Brushed Nickel complements dark oak cabinets.

Kitchen accessories are minute details that tie everything together if a proper color scheme is used to design every element of the kitchen.

So, it will be wiser to use contrasting or complementary hardware colors to go with dark oak cabinets.

Stainless steel hardware, Silver, and Brushed nickel contrast with the dark cabinets pop against the dark color.

Whereas Oil-rubbed Bronze blends in with the dark cabinets. Weathered Brass is a neutral color that offers slight contrast against dark oak cabinets.

Antique Brass hardware is yet another option that adds to the vintage aesthetics of the cooking space.

What Color Kitchen Table with Dark Oak Cabinets?

Dark Oak Tables with cream padded chairs go well with dark oak cabinets.

Also, the kitchen table matching the color of cabinets contrasts well with the light floor and flows well with the color scheme in the kitchen.

Another option you can explore is a glass table with a dark brown base, looks great with dark woods.

What Colors Go With Dark Oak Cabinets? 14 Answers You Should Know (Beginner’s Guide) | HOME CABINET EXPERT (3)

A dark-colored kitchen table flows well with dark cabinetry, but it is better to have some kind of contrast to relieve the space from the heavy aura.

Like, if your table and cabinets are dark-colored use contrasting chairs that match with a light-colored element of your kitchen such as walls.

Dark Oak table with cream padded wood chairs will look pretty and sing with harmony to the other dark elements in the kitchen.

When you feel confused and feel indecisive go with a glass table with dark oak chairs. The glass tables add a touch of modernity to the room.

Also, your kitchen theme sets the mood in the room, a comfortable and light atmosphere with white cabinets will have an inviting feel whereas a darker theme is timeless, it takes you back in time.

What Wall Color Goes with Dark Oak Cabinets?

Off-whites and light-colored walls go well with dark oak cabinets.

Light colors break off the heavy feel in the kitchen so should go with paint colors such as Linen White SW 9109, Decorator’s White CC-20, Collingwood OC-28, Muslin OC-12, Distilled Aqua SPR-10, and Ammonite Farrow & Ball.

It goes without saying that dark cabinets will work best with light colors.

Neutral warm and Neutral cool walls contrast well with dark oak cabinets.

The dark-stained oak flooring that features in the hallways and living areas is echoed by dark cabinets and lighter furniture.
Design: Tesori Design
Image: Jamie Cobel pic.twitter.com/UXSacDlZ69

— Home & Design TRENDS (@TRENDSMagIndia) August 1, 2019

White, off-white, and cream walls with dark oak cabinets are a classic combination, it cannot go wrong.

Other than white, you can explore beige colors if you feel like white will be too boring. Beige will bring some color to a plain old white palette.

Also dark oak has reddish-brown color so you can go with blues and greens too if you are in a mood for a kitchen that looks lively and appetizing.

Here are some of the best wall colors to go with dark oak cabinets.

  • Muslin OC-12
  • Summer White SW 7557
  • Collingwood OC-28
  • Decorator’s White CC-20
  • Linen White SW 9109
  • Honied White SW 7106
  • Pale Powder Farrow & Ball
  • Stony Ground Farrow & Ball
  • Distilled Aqua SPR-10
  • Ammonite Farrow & Ball
  • Campfire Ash Behr
  • Penthouse Clare

What Color Quartz Goes with Dark Oak Cabinets?

Calacatta Laza is a light-colored Quartz that goes best with dark oak cabinets. Top light Quartz colors are Calacatta Lumus, Calacatta Nuvo, Daria, Pearl Grey, and Cascade White.

Gold-hued quartz includes Sierra Madre, Chakra Beige, and Sienna Ridge. For black Quartz go with Merope and Midnight Corvo Concrete.

Countertops are one of the major components of a kitchen design.

Countertops come in a variety of materials, granite, quartz, stone, wood, and stainless steel.

The most popular are granite and quartz. My personal favorite is quartz as it is durable, makes your kitchen look sleek and luxurious, and comes in beautiful colors.

Dark oak color has reddish-brown undertones, quartz colors like white, cream, gold, and gray quartz match beautifully with dark oak cabinets.

Such as:

  • Babylon Gray
  • Calacatta Verona
  • Cascade White
  • Chakra Beige
  • Pearl Grey
  • Merope Silestone
  • Seleno Silestone
  • Sienna Ridge
  • Calacatta Laza
  • Daria Quartz
  • Sierra Madre
  • Midnight Corvo Concrete
  • Carrara Lumos
  • Calacatta Nuvo

Who Makes the Best Dark Oak Slab Door Kitchen Cabinets?

Any nearby woodworker can make the best dark oak slab door kitchen cabinets. We can buy them online as well, but it is better to get the work done by a professional cabinetmaker.

They can better understand what you want and craft artistic slab door cabinets for your contemporary kitchen.

Who does not like slab door kitchen cabinets? They look amazing in a contemporary kitchen, Whether you own a luxury house or a small apartment, slab door kitchen cabinets turn any kitchen into a modern one.

What Colors Go With Dark Oak Cabinets? 14 Answers You Should Know (Beginner’s Guide) | HOME CABINET EXPERT (4)

If you want dark oak slab door kitchen cabinets, you can either order them online or have a professional millworker do the work for you.

Customized slab-style cabinetry is a lot more expensive than stock one, it is worth every penny though.

How Expensive are Dark Oak Cabinets?

Dark Oak Cabinets are less expensive than other hardwoods. Stocked cabinets for a standard kitchen costs around $4,000 to $5,000, while semi-stocked cabinets price falls between $5,000 to $12,000, whereas custom dark oak cabinets’ cost ranges from $8,000 to $20,000.

Because of its availability, Oak is a cheaper hardwood.

Even though Oakwood grows at a slower rate, the high supply of wood keeps the price of lumber lower than other hardwoods such as walnut.

Not saying that is cheap wood, it is comparatively inexpensive than other hardwoods. Oak lumber per cubic meter is priced between $1,505 to $2,520 excluding tax and kiln drying cost.

Final Thoughts

Remodeling the kitchen around dark oak cabinets can get a little confusing, especially if you want a daring color scheme because dark cabinets with light-colored kitchen elements are a classic combination.

It never goes wrong. But some of you might find a white color scheme a little boring and bland.

For that matter, you can skip white and off whites and play with different ideas to bring your kitchen to life.

At the end of the day, it is all up to what you want your kitchen to look like breezy and light or cozy and dark.

You can select colors accordingly and use this color guide to have a harmonized kitchen scheme that binds all the kitchen elements together and give life to a stunning kitchen with dark oak cabinets.

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